A Research Project of the Institute of Nursing Science · University of Basel


AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting 2017, New Orleans, US

Bachnick, S., Ausserhofer, D., Baernholdt, M., Simon, M. Patient-Centered Care is associated with Work Environment and Rationing of Nursing Care in Acute Care Hospitals.

ICN Kongress, May 2017, Barcelona, Spanien

Dhaini, S., Schubert,M., Bachnick, S., Ausserhofer, D., Schwendimann, R., Simon, M. Work-family conflict and the work environment of registered nurses in Swiss hospitals: a multisite cross-sectional study

Schweizerische Akademie der Medizinischen Wissenschaften, 01.03.2017, Bern, Schweiz

Simon, M., Ausserhofer, D., Bachnick, S., Schwendimann, R., De Geest, S., Schubert, M. Assessing the impact of the DRG introduction on nurse staffing and rationing of nursing care in Swiss acute-care hospitals: a time-series cross-sectional analysis